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Plains zebra
Gekozen door Elke Sleurs
Former Secretary of State for Science Policy
Plains zebra
Plains zebra
Zebras undertake the longest migration of all mammals. And they like company; herds can contain more than 150,000 animals. Scientists don’t yet know why zebras have stripes: to be better camouflaged, to recognize their peers, to cool down faster, or even to ward off horse flies — which would be repelled by the reflection of the striped pattern.
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For me the zebras are a particular reminder of my period as Secretary of State.
I had the honour of being "in charge" of them in the cabinet, while the museum was being renovated. They stood in a very prominent place where they really caught your eye and got people talking.
The story is a special one: these magnificent animals were unfortunately shot in "honour" of the universal exhibition: these are two prime specimens but fortunately it's now unthinkable that we would kill animals specially for an exhibition, what a gruesome idea.
Maar toch is het goed dat we deze twee toch blijven koesteren als blijvende getuigen van die tijd, om niet te vergeten en dat we moeten blijven waken over het denken van nu met respect en liefde voor fauna en flora.

— Elke Sleurs